FERTIGATION is a method of fertilizing plants by supplying dissolved fertilizers together with irrigation water.

The fertigation unit for fertilizing with irrigation water is the main and basic device for precise and an accurate dosing. Our company supplies and install fertigation units for fertilizers based on proportional metering pumps – Dosatron. This technology is simple and affordable and suitable for fertilizing plants with fertilizers in greenhouses and open ground.

Fertilizers come to the plants at the right time and in the right quantities!


In each case, to ensure the specified conditions of fertigation, several important parameters must be considered:

  • Maximum and minimum nutrient solution consumption per unit of time
  • The number of components of fertilizers added to the nutrient solution
  • The need to adjust the acidity of the nutrient solution

Hydroponic technologies require a more thorough approach to the applied systems of fertigation. Neutral, low-volume substrates do not contain nutrients and, due to limited volume, have a low buffering coefficient and almost do not accumulate and nutrients are not stored. In this regard, the nutrient solution must contain the entire set of nutrients that are required for the development and growth of plants.

Since the plants require about a dozen chemical elements for their fully functional development, there is no way that all these types of fertilizers can be supplied using a single dosing pump. The fertigation unit for hydroponics should have at least 2 dosing pumps for feeding different types of fertilizers, plus a third pump — acidic, for balancing the acidity of the nutrient solution going to the plants.


Nowadays the Fertigation units are fully automated with high precision dosage of fertilizers by Venturi valves or direct injection into the line. The modern unit controls the EC and PH condition of fertigation solute as well as managing the time of fertigation or irrigation,  applying the nutrients in suitable sunlight activity and many other parameters can be controlled and monitored.