Shading screen systems

The greenhouse screening system is a very important part of greenhouse equipment. Using the screening systems, you can adjust the light and temperature, and also significantly save heat. The screen is made of polyester fabric that is intertwined with aluminum foil tapes. The screen is deployed using a motorized steel cable mechanism or a rack-and-pin type (push-pull).
There are several types of screens for shading systems:
    • Shading Aluminum strips in the screen fabric provide the required level of reflection of the sun’s rays. At the same time hot air passes from the bottom through the fabric.
    • Light reflective – provides retention of artificial light inside the greenhouse.
    • Energy Saving – Designed for cold climates. Retains heat with minimal loss of light.
    • Combined – In bright sunlight, the screen reflects an excessive heat. When the outside temperature drops, the screen retains the heat.

The shading screen system can be vertical or roll up (walls) and horizontal (ceiling).

Horizontal shading mounted in all sections of the greenhouse in each span in the the upper zone of trusses, providing the possibility of dividing  the greenhouse ridge from the lower space of greenhouse.


Vertical shading is applied on the side inner walls of the greenhouse. Vertical screens are used for different purposes: as reflective, energy-saving and dimming, as well as to limit the emission of sunlight; can also be fully integrated with the greenhouse design. In addition, vertical curtain screens in combination with horizontal shading can help in maintaining an appropriate temperature in the greenhouse.

Shading systems for growing fields – designed to protect plants located in an open area from the scorching sun. The work is carried out in automatic mode thanks to light sensors, wind speed sensors, which guarantees the safe operation of the system, maximally protecting your plants with your minimum participation.

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