Ventilation systems

The question of ventilation (air exchange) in the greenhouse is basic regardless of its design and type.

To control the temperature regime, an effective ventilation system is required, which ensures the flow of fresh air and regulates the degree of humidity.


Mainly when the greenhouse designed the task is to supply the greenhouse with natural ventilation installing vents frames in the roof and walls. The area of necessary ventilation openings is calculated for each greenhouse individually. Opening of vents is carried out automatically (with the use of gear motors) or in manual mode.

The gear vents systems are of different types but mainly compose of the drive shafts and gear racks. The appropriate model and type selected  depending on the design of the greenhouse.


In large greenhouses there are places of concentration of warm or cold air, which can adversely affect the growth of plants. Exhaust ventilation is used to reduce drafts or overheating. For this purpose, special an axial fans are used to move large amounts of air. The presence of exhaust fans is justified in greenhouses with a film coating, as they prevent condensation of water vaporation on the polyethylene film.


Also widely used fan models for moving and mixing air masses inside the greenhouse.