Glass Greenhouses

Glass greenhouses such as VENLO take the leading positions among other models of greenhouses. The main advantages of Glass greenhouses is the high light transmission capacity and long term of service. This type of Greenhouse has different column heights and several span width options.  The side glassing may be performed as a single or double (for regions with a cold climate). Also, the side walls may be performed with polycarbonate with double wall to minimize the final price and to decrease the thermal loose.

We produce steel structures of a Venlo type greenhouses on our own manufacture facilities. The frame of greenhouses is galvanized by hot-dip galvanizing which gives a very long time of service for the entire greenhouse for up to 50-70 years.

We produce and install greenhouses from 0.05 hectares. We also carry out a comprehensive supply of used greenhouses from Europe.

Belarussian Glass greenhouses – a quality tested by time!