Greenhouse reconstruction

Currently, most greenhouse complexes face the same problems associated with the re-equipment of old greenhouses models “Anthracite” and “Voronezh”. For example, one hectare of an “anthracite” greenhouse (model project 810-1-13.86) consumes 5 Gcal of heat per hour at a passport data with an estimated outdoor temperature of -20 ° C.

Considering the age and condition of these greenhouses the real figures of an average hectare consumes 7.5–10 Gcal / h in the indicated temperature conditions. As a result, the share of energy resources in the cost of production reaches 40 percent or more, and the profitability of greenhouses has decreased from 45–60% to 9–15%.

A way out of this situation can be a complete reconstruction of the entire complex. Alignment of the frame, reinforcement, removal of the old coating, application of proper measures to protect the metal structure and installation of a new coating not only of glass, but also of polycarbonate will help save energy and breathe new life into the greenhouse. Also during the reconstruction, it is possible to replace the heating equipment, repair or replace the ventilation. To equip the greenhouse more economical drip irrigation etc.

Our company has developed a number of measures to improve the technical characteristics for the further use of the reconstructed objects.