Greenhouse heating

Heating in greenhouses and greenhouse complexes, regardless of the type of construction, is primarily a choice and arrangement of a high-quality heating system. The choice of the necessary heating system depends on several main factors:

  • Area
  • Type of greenhouse construction
  • Type of fuel available
  • Total project budget

Industrial greenhouses can be heated with the help of air heating-heat generators. In this case, heating devices provide warm air in the upper part of the greenhouse. This is necessary in order to avoid drying out of the plants. Also using the polyethylene sleeves, helps to distribute heat over the entire length of the greenhouse evenly.

There are several types of heat generators for power and type of fuel used (gas, diesel fuel, solid fuel, etc.).

In large greenhouses and greenhouses, water heating is mainly used. It is carried out due to several heating circuits along which the heated coolant circulates. Various types of boilers are used as a heating system for the coolant: gas, solid fuel and electric.

Selection and delivery of heating equipment is carried out individually for each project.