Sodium lamps

The most effective lamps for growing plants under artificial lighting are sodium arc lamps. These lamps belong to the class of gas-discharge lamps.


These lamps are available in different denominations according to the power from 75 to over 1000 Watts. The most attractive in terms of growing plants are lamps from 75 to 400 Watts.

The main characteristics of light are its spectral composition, intensity, daily and seasonal dynamics. Scientific research and practice of crop production have shown that the wavelengths of high-pressure sodium lamps, in which the largest part of the radiation energy is concentrated, coincide with the areas of maximum sensitivity of plants.


This type of lamp has a high light output. Such lamps are produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Philips has developed special lamps for artificial lighting of greenhouses. This sodium lamp series SON-T Agro and metal-galenya lamp series SON-T Green Power.


    •  Transparent tubular outer bulb
    • The lamp” Agro ” generates a spectral flux with a high radiation content in the blue part of the spectrum, which optimizes the development of plants
    • Ceramic gas-discharge tube with Philips integrated antenna, which ensures long and reliable operation
    • Zr Co getter provides high luminous efficiency and a small number of early failures


  • Provides optimal plant growth, especially at low light levels
  • Optimises the development of plants their blossoms the growth of leaves and branches