Industrial Greenhouses

The Industrial greenhouses are the great opportunity for growing crops, regardless of the changing seasons, weather and climate conditions of your region. Having extensive experience in the design, manufacture, assembly, supply and construction of industrial greenhouses, the BudMirGrupp company is always ready to help acquire your own greenhouse Farm.

    Nowadays new technologies for the construction of industrial greenhouses make it possible to fully automate and systematize all processes for growing vegetables and other crops in greenhouses.

Our company offers manufacturing and construction of industrial greenhouses and greenhouse complexes. Choosing BudMirGrupp as a business partner will allow you to realise your business ideas in shortest term.

We work throughout the territory of Belarus, Russia and neighbouring countries as well as we have plan to export our products and services to the other countries.

It remains only to choose the type of construction and the material of the greenhouse cover:

Polycarbonate Venlo Film