We supply and install the most common systems for irrigation.

The most important component in the cultivation of various crops is watering. The correct and timely watering of plants – the key to a rich harvest.Currently, there are a considerable number of systems for irrigation in industrial greenhouses. We describe in short about the most popular ones.

Drip irrigation is an ideal choice for organizing watering of any plant in the greenhouse and open field. This method of watering – the most efficient and economical. Water is supplied only to the zone where the roots are located and being used by plants almost 100%. Drip irrigation systems are a relatively inexpensive way to water plants. Drip irrigation is easily automated, and plants get water and nutrients according to the schedule you set.



Drip irrigation with integrated drippers

The tubes are designed for demanding operating conditions, which allows them to be used on uneven areas with maintaining a stable volume of water. Capacity from 1.2 to 2.1 liters of water per hour. A strong enough thick wall of pipes allows using it at a working pressure of up to 3-4.3 bars., Which in turn will allow irrigation of long rows of plants. This type is used mainly on open ground.


The irrigation system is calculated for the individual parameters of an open field.

Low-volume sprinklers with a spraying diameter 6-12 meters are used as working bodies for irrigation. As a rule, they are mounted on racks with a height of 35 cm.


The fogging sprinkler is designed to maintain the desired humidity in the greenhouse and to drop the inside temperature . The sprinkler can be mounted directly on the pipe or suspended on hangers.




It consists of a fan, foggers and a water supply controller. Using a fan, the sprayed water is effectively mixed with air and spreads up to a distance of 50 meters (DEPENDING ON THE MODEL AND TECHNICAL PARAMETERS). The controller allows, by controlling the period and time of water supply, to change the humidification mode.

The device is used to adjust the microclimate in greenhouses and maintain humidity.



It is mainly used for watering seedlings in greenhouses. The design of the suspended watering installation is based on the modules. Key characteristics and properties can be changed and supplemented depending on the requirements for cultivation. It has guides (rails) located along the length of the greenhouse along which it moves. Watering boom provide high-quality and uniform watering of plants. There are designs for both tunnel and block greenhouses. System of monorail and two-rail mechanism of the suspension.

Choosing the right irrigation system – a guarantee of a rich harvest!